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Search Engine Optimisation In Edinburgh And Lothian | SEO When it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) beware of rash promises. You will come across unscrupulous companies and individuals who will guarantee you top spot on the Google search engine results pages (SERPS) if you cross their palms with silver.

That’s not us. If you want guarantees of top placings on Google and other search engines you have come to the wrong place. We will not and cannot give these guarantees.

Having said that, we can guarantee your website will not rank well, if at all, if you do not carry out some SEO.

We include straight forward “On Page” SEO as part of our web design service. This involves ensuring the entries for your website which appear on Google make sense to the humans doing the searching. Also, we do not have to build your website for you to use this service. We can take your existing website and optimise each page for search engines to get the best rankings possible for each page. If you are not sure if your site is optimised or not, we can take a quick look and advise you what needs done, if anything.

We also offer more comprehensive SEO packages detailed below which are designed to improve your search engine rankings and give you more exposure to prospects for your business. Pick up the phone, drop us an email or head over to our ‘Get In Touch‘ page so that through our search engine optimisation we can improve your website exposure on search engines such as Google.

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